Your business is no one else’s

Here’s how we keep our
customers safe and secure

We never stop working to ensure LinkedIn is secure for your business.
We use a combination of industry standards and our own best practices.

Data encryption

This year, we are transitioning LinkedIn to default HTTPS for all LinkedIn members and customers. Learn more here.  We encrypt data in transit. Certain sensitive data is also encrypted at rest, including credit card information and passwords. We only store a cryptographic hash of your LinkedIn password, so even we do not know your password.

Network protection

We design our networks with security in mind. This includes building in intrusion detection, firewalls, monitoring and general hardening. We also regularly conduct penetration testing and threat modeling to ensure our network is properly secured and up to date.

Internal & third party testing and assessments

To ensure that the products and services we deliver include appropriate security safeguards, we’re constantly evaluating our safety measures that we include in our products and services. This isn’t a one time effort before a product launches, it’s ongoing. We regularly test both internal and external sources— and make alterations when needed.

Security monitoring

We actively monitor to detect for intrusions into our systems. Each system has a dedicated team that looks for anomalies and alerts. These teams can swiftly respond to issues as they arise.

Industry collaboration

We work closely with other organizations throughout the technology industry to improve the security of both LinkedIn and the Internet as a whole. This sharing and collaboration has helped us improve industry standards and our own best practices.

Privacy policy

LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy governs governs our treatment of the information our members entrust us with every day. Please read our complete Privacy Policy for more information on the types of information we collect, how we use personal information, member’s choices and obligations, and other important information including how to contact us with privacy related questions or comments. 

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